Chapel Video Podcast

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the McDonald Moody auditorium, campus family and friends make time for chapel, a time to celebrate relationships. Some chapel times will focus primarily on our relationship with God, while others will focus primarily on community with each other. Many chapel experiences will combine elements of both.



How do I use my Talents for the Kingdom

Thursday, Feb 17th, 2022

Albert walks through how he found what he wanted to do that also helped the kingdom of God expand.

Episode length 15:31 minutes
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How to have a Moment with God

Tuesday, Feb 15th, 2022

Learn how to begin the process spending every moment with God by thinking about it.

Episode length 10:51 minutes
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Coronation Ceremony

Monday, Feb 14th, 2022

The Homecoming King and Queen are announced for 2021-2022 school year

Episode length 14:10 minutes
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How to Deal with Control

Thursday, Feb 10th, 2022

Dr. Ayers shares the story of Abraham Lincoln, and how even when we lose control that God is still in control.

Episode length 11:51 minutes
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Why do We Believe? Part 1

Tuesday, Feb 8th, 2022

Carson explains how he turned away from his self effort and let God do the transformation.

Episode length 11:52 minutes
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How Black History has Impacted Us

Monday, Feb 7th, 2022

Cory explains how you need to continue learning about history, and broaden your horizon, because you don’t know everything.

Episode length 14:26 minutes
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Alumni Chapel Feb 2022

Saturday, Feb 5th, 2022

Chapel during homecoming weekend

Episode length 28:32 minutes
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How Not to Make it About You

Tuesday, Feb 1st, 2022

Zach explains what God cares about and how time with people are the best gifts. Be motivated to be with people now.

Episode length 14:46 minutes
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How to Hope

Monday, Jan 31st, 2022

Dr. Lemley shares stories of how hope can strengthen people.

Episode length 11:06 minutes
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How to Fuel Yourself

Thursday, Jan 27th, 2022

What you feed yourself with physically and mentally will eventually affect what comes out of you.

Episode length 9:50 minutes
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