Chapel Video Podcast

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the McDonald Moody auditorium, campus family and friends make time for chapel, a time to celebrate relationships. Some chapel times will focus primarily on our relationship with God, while others will focus primarily on community with each other. Many chapel experiences will combine elements of both.



Savannah Higgins Story

Friday, Sep 3rd, 2021

Savannah tells her story of how she got to LCU, and how God can use anyone despite their past.

Episode length 6:05 minutes
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Film - The Long Take

Tuesday, Aug 31st, 2021

Discover how the long take in film can relate to your first few weeks of class and three things you can rely on in the end

Episode length 8:17 minutes
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How Can I ... ?

Monday, Aug 30th, 2021

The mechanics of chapel is explained. Several “How Can I …” questions will be addressed throughout the semester.

Episode length 16:19 minutes
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How to Rely of God

Thursday, Aug 26th, 2021

Learn how to pay attention to those who God has put around you to be a blessing for, or to be blessed by.

Episode length 15:09 minutes
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Announcement of a Gift to LCU

Tuesday, Aug 24th, 2021

A presentation of a financial gift from Al and Patricia Smith

Episode length 4:51 minutes
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Fall 2021 Opening Chapel

Monday, Aug 23rd, 2021

Celebrate with us in welcoming everyone back to campus.

Episode length 29:13 minutes
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The Sermon on the Mount

Tuesday, Apr 20th, 2021

President Scott McDowell and his son recites the sermon on the mount from memory

Episode length 14:02 minutes
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