Chapel Video Podcast

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the McDonald Moody auditorium, campus family and friends make time for chapel, a time to celebrate relationships. Some chapel times will focus primarily on our relationship with God, while others will focus primarily on community with each other. Many chapel experiences will combine elements of both.



My Hope

Thursday, Mar 30th, 2023

Keith shares stories about hard things and explains that if you feel hopeless you are not reading the right gospel

Episode length 17:43 minutes
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A People of Change

Monday, Mar 27th, 2023

Don’t let the fear of judgement stop you from letting Jesus in.

Episode length 10:22 minutes
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Showing Up

Thursday, Mar 23rd, 2023

Dr. Lemley shares the importance of showing and how it benefits you and others. Your presence matters.

Episode length 15:58 minutes
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Why Poetry

Tuesday, Mar 21st, 2023

Matt shares the history of poetry, and the reasons for it.

Episode length 12:24 minutes
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Monday, Mar 20th, 2023

Info is shared on what you can do and how to register for LCU for LBK

Episode length 7:54 minutes
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What do You Do

Tuesday, Mar 7th, 2023

Hudson asks what do you do even if it doesn’t seem great.

Episode length 8:08 minutes
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Minor in Missions

Thursday, Mar 2nd, 2023

Shawn goes over a new format for the Minor in Missions and the benefits of it.

Episode length 9:48 minutes
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Student Spotlight - Hailey

Monday, Feb 27th, 2023

Hailey Shares her experience at LCU

Episode length 14:33 minutes
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African America TrailBlazers

Thursday, Feb 23rd, 2023

Dr. Ayers share several stories of African Americans who started new things

Episode length 16:57 minutes
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Living Life Abundantly

Monday, Feb 20th, 2023

David shares how sometimes living abundant life through God may look weird to the world.

Episode length 9:18 minutes
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