Chapel Video Podcast

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the McDonald Moody auditorium, campus family and friends make time for chapel, a time to celebrate relationships. Some chapel times will focus primarily on our relationship with God, while others will focus primarily on community with each other. Many chapel experiences will combine elements of both.



My Story

Tuesday, Nov 1st, 2022

This chapel presentation topic is of a sensitive nature - sexual assault

Episode length 14:02 minutes
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Reformation Day

Monday, Oct 31st, 2022

Jeff tells a story of Martin Luther and Reformation Day. Jeff calls us to have unity among all divisions of Christianity even after disagreements.

Episode length 19:09 minutes
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What do You Want to Be

Thursday, Oct 27th, 2022

Shannon walks through what you wanted to be when you grew up to what you may want to do now through her own experiences.

Episode length 11:58 minutes
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Talking with Students in Avila Spain

Tuesday, Oct 25th, 2022

We talk with students who are currently in Spain and they tell about their experiences.

Episode length 15:44 minutes
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Hope in Friendships

Monday, Oct 24th, 2022

Bridgette tells a family story and how her friends at LCU helped her through it.

Episode length 8:46 minutes
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Reflection in Writing

Thursday, Oct 20th, 2022

Jessica goes through questions to reflect on and write down so you can remember them.

Episode length 18:00 minutes
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Show Kindness to Everyone

Monday, Oct 17th, 2022

Sal shares how he was brought up to not only do a job well but to do it with a smile on your face.

Episode length 5:50 minutes
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We All Need a Little Hope

Tuesday, Oct 11th, 2022

Bill shares how three people helped him by caring and not condemning him.

Episode length 11:27 minutes
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Don't Let Fear Stop You

Monday, Oct 10th, 2022

DeLeisha shares how she had to not let fear of not knowing everything or being perfect, but to be raw around the community you are in.

Episode length 9:56 minutes
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Not Just a Coincidence

Tuesday, Oct 4th, 2022

Nolan tells stories of how things have happened in his life that are not just coincidence but can be seen as God at work in his life.

Episode length 13:51 minutes
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