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LCU GO Orientation

Tuesday, Oct 19th, 2021

An orientation leader and two freshman fresh out of orientation give their take on the best parts and importance of LCU's freshman orientation.

Episode length 16:52 minutes
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The Rush Process with Josh Stephens and Nicole Warren

Saturday, Oct 16th, 2021

Join Dean of Students, Josh Stephens, and ICC President, Nicole Warren, as they discuss everything you need to know about Rush Week at LCU! Hosted by Frida Rangel, Noah Hagins and Caleb Cates.

Episode length 16:12 minutes
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New Volleyball Leadership at LCU

Tuesday, Oct 5th, 2021

LCU volleyball coaches Michal and Keith Giboney join The Duster Today podcast for an interview about running a successful program and winning not only as a team, but as a couple. Hosted by Brennan Riker, Blair Bowen, and Prestley Hammond.

Episode length 13:15 minutes
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Freshman Involvement and Student Events

Tuesday, Sep 21st, 2021

Caleb Cates, Frida Rangel, and Noah Hagins talk about the exciting events happening recently at LCU.

Episode length 18:10 minutes
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Students React To Campus Life Following 2020 Covid Year

Tuesday, Sep 21st, 2021

Nathan Karseno, Luke Mosley and Aamer Muhammad discuss life at LCU without many of the restrictions that plagued the last school year.

Episode length 17:27 minutes
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